Manufacturing Facility

We have state of the art manufacturing facility spread across 13000 sq feet located just 35 Km away from Ahmedabad city. Right from weaving preparatory up to fabric finishing, we have everything under one roof.

All the raw material like yarn is sourced from reputed Indian and foreign manufacturers. Parameters like yarn tenacity, twists, no of filaments, CSP etc are carefully decided keeping in mind the exact application of fabrics to give our customers maximum performance.

Below is a short description of various departments at our manufacturing facility.

  • Weaving preparatory
  • Weaving
  • Testing
  • Inspection
  • Fabric finishing
  • Laser cutting
  • Stitching

Weaving preparatory

We have in-house Indian make state of the art warping machine.
Warp beams are made with high precision sectional warping machine which contains automatic laser sensors to prevent and/or mend any end breaks during warping
The creel of the warping machine is imported with special tensioners to warp a wide range of yarn counts and especially monofilaments very effectively.
All our beams are German made Q4 category which can handle the highest level of tension in warping and also most suitable for monofilament handling.


We have state of the art German make Dornier rapier machines for the production of our technical fabrics
High beat-up force combined with German metallurgy gives us the advantage in weaving high cover factor fabrics and all kind of monofilaments very easily
It is well-known fact that fabrics woven on Dornier machines have very high compactness and low air permeability compared to fabrics woven on conventional weaving machines.
All our Dornier weaving machines are brand new. We don’t use second hand Dornier machines dismantled from Europe, very common practice in the technical textiles industry to avoid extremely high capital cost of procuring New Dornier weaving machines.
We use the batching system from Neuenhauser, Germany to make large joint less fabric rolls of 2000 mtr+ if required by customers.


We have an in-house testing facility for fabrics.
Considering the importance of maintaining perfect air permeability, we have Swiss made AP tester from Textest, Switzerland.
Along with AP tester, we have the facility to test tensile strength, hot air shrinkage, thickness and weight (GSM)


We have Indian made fabric inspection cum rolling machine.
Using this machine we can inspect fabric for any defects and mending wherever necessary. Although, due to the high precision Dornier weaving machine, there are almost no defects in our fabrics.
This machine is mainly used for making 100 mtr rolls from huge 2000 mtr+ rolls made on our batching system of weaving machine.

Fabirc finishing

Considering the importance of the calendaring process, we have installed calender machine in-house so we can have complete control over the process.
Using this machine we can do calendaring with very high pressure with complete precision.
Calendering is a very important process in filtration fabric as we can adjust air permeability of the fabric as well as make the surface smooth enough for easy cake discharge.

Laser cutting

To cater needs of our end users for filter press cloths, centrifuge cloths, belt filters etc, we have dedicated cutting and stitching department.
We have state of the art hi-tech laser cutting machine for micro cutting level precision.
By using laser cutting machine instead of manually cutting the fabrics, we can achieve higher production rate along with precision in microns which is near impossible in manual cutting method.


To cater needs of our end users for filter press cloths, centrifuge cloths, belt filters etc, we have dedicated cutting and stitching department.
All stitching machines are of JUKI, Japan made.
We give filtration fabric to customers as well as ready to use filter made ups as per their requirement